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QQ-3381. Ann Ballard - Nursing – Neha Banu – Second-Degree Burns


Maternal and Child Health Nurse

Greenville Maternal and Child Health Centre

Main Rd


27 March 2010

Re:Ann Bellard, aged 22 months

Dear Nurse,

Iam writing to refer Ann Bellard, who is recovering from 2nd degree burns to right trunk. Ann requires ongoing care and follow up after being discharged today.

On 16 march 2010, Ann initially brought to hospital with 2nd degree burns to right trunk followed by accidental scalding with hot water. Based on this, IV fluids for 24 hours was initiated and continued with oral fluids. In addition, silvazine dressing has been done twice a day as well as this, prophylactic antibiotics and analgesia was provided.

Pertaining to social background, Ann lives with mother, she is 28-year-old and got separated with husband 4 months ago. However, she has been suffering from depression due to financial difficulties followed by separation with husband.

Upon discharge of Ann, it would be greatly appreciated if you could do daily silvazine dressings and monitor the mother's mental state . In addition, introduce her to local support groups of mother's and children's and encourage her to participate in some income producing activities that would be benefitted financially

In case of additional queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully

Registered Nurse


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