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QQ-3360. Ms Guana Ferrocia - Nursing – Ansu Baby – Haemorrhoids Grade 4


The Surgical Nurse

Surgical Unit

One's Hospital

29 October, 2021

Dear Surgical Nurse,

Re:Ms Guana Ferrocia, aged 51

Ms Guana Ferrocia, who was diagnosed with grade 4 haemorroids, requires pre-procedure assessment and appropriate management for heamorroidectomy tomorrow.

Today, Ms Ferrocia presented with rectal bleeding, burning pain and prolapse with tenderness. Grade 4 haemorroids were confirmed;therefore, surgery was advised. Education was provided regarding pre-procedure as well as post-surgical management. Intravenous fluids and enema were adminisered. Codeine sensitive test was performed and concerning regarfing anesthrsia along with the hospital policy informations were explained

Ms Ferrocia lives with her boyfriend. She has type two diabetes mellitus. She has had constipation since 2016 for which dierary changes were recommended. In 2018 colonoscopy report revealed proctitis, which was successfully managed with corticostei

Based on the aforementioned circumstances, ongoing care and appropriate management would be profoundly beneficial to improve Ms Ferrocia health confition.

In case of any additional indormation is required, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Registered Nuse.

Ms marry Mouse

Ward Nurse

One's Hospital.


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