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QQ-3353. Ms Guana Feroccia - Nursing – Cinju Varghese – Haemorrhoids Grade 4


The Surgical Nurse

Surgica Unit

29 October 2021

Dear Nurse,

Re: Ms Guana Ferrocia, DOB:01 JUNE 1964

Iam referring Ms Ferrocia , who was treated for haemorrhoids grade 4,requires further care and management She is being scheduled for haemorrhoidectomy tomorrow.

Ms Ferrocia, has come upon with complaints of perianal itching along withpassing of fresh blood while defecating In 2016, she has history of constipation possibly due to dietary habits and colonoscopy was perfomed in 2018. Additionally, she had procitis which was treated with corticosteroids ADEMY.She has had type 2 diabetes meellitus and inflamed bowel syndrome

Today ,Ms Ferrocia presented with rectal

bleeding and burning pain. During examination, prolapse of rectum and slight tenerness were noted.

During assessmaent, constipation and hard stools has been reported; therefore, pre-procedure and management of post surgery has been instructed for her Inaddition, dosage of anesthesia has been explained.

On admission, intravenous fluids and enema has been commenced .Her vital parameters are stable and her pathological results are awaiting.

It would be greatly appreciated, if you could provide adequate care and support for Ms Ferrocia.It is imperative to keep her NPO 6 hours before surgery. Please note that penicillin and aspirin is sensitive for her .She has signed the consent for surgery.

Please contact me for further queries.

Yours sincerely

Ms Mary Mouse


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