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QQ-3342. Mr David Felix - Nursing – Ajeesh Karosh – Fractured Neck


Sister Incharge

Hampstead Road

Greenacres, 5029

14 June 2007

Dear Ms Chuang,

I am referring Mr Felix, who has been diagnosed with a broken neck and a fractured pelvis followed by an accident. He requires rehabilitation care following his discharge today.

On 06 April 2007, Mr Felix was admitted to hospital with suspected a neck and the pelvis injury. After the assessment, the diagnosis has been confirmed; therefore, a chance of permanent neurological damage has been identified, which would lead to the impairment of the mobility, speech, and memory loss. Today, excellent progress has been noticed. However, he requires a high level of assistance and mobilization by a walker. During hospitalization, daily physiotherapy, hydrotherapy twice per week, and the speech therapy thrice per week has been recommended. In addition, he has had often headache. So, tablet nurofen 200 mg four times daily was prescribed.

Me Felix, who is single, is an architectural student. He lives with his parents and is eligible for the disability pension.

Pertaining to the above-mentioned circumstances, kindly take over the case of Mr Felix and provide him the rehabilitation service and ongoing support. He has had depression and would be improved through activities like the reading and Writing. Contact with the university for the continuation of his studies externally and communication with his same age group people would be greatly beneficial for the improvement of his quality of life.

If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered Nurse


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