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QQ-3336 Mr Ted Watson - Nursing – Nycy Mathew – Decreased Mobility


The Community Nurse Supervisor

Community Nursing Centre


Dear Supervisor,

Re: Mr Ted Watson,aged 72

I am referring Mr Ted Watson, who is recuperating from dynamic hip screw repair on the right neck of femur, requires continuing care and appropriate management at your service following his discharge today.

Mr Watson was admitted on 10 May 2007 following the surgical repair which was performed on 01 May 2007 at Newtown Hospital. During hospitalization, he was treated with trimethoprim,Ural and paracetamol. Regular dressing with Dou Derm has been provided to the arterial ulcer of right ankle. Currently, he walks independently with a pick- up frame;however, he requires assistance in daily living activities.

Mr Watson a widower, lives alone, has a supportive daughter. He is allergic to penicillin and uses a Medical Alert Band. He has been provided with local council home support visits along with local daily centre visits twice weekly.

It would be appreciated if you provide ongoing monitoring and assistance for Mr Watson. Kindly ensure support in showering and wound management. Please note, his urinary catheter needs to be changed in six weeks. It is beneficial to do weekly dressing of the ulcer to facilitate wound healing.

If you have any queries regarding Mr Watson, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Change Nurse


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