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QQ-3324. Mr Martin Jones - Nursing – Reena Vineesh – Difficulty Swallowing


The General Practitioner

Dear Doctor ,

Re : Mr Martin Jones, aged 69

I am writing to update you regarding the current health status of Mr. Martin Jones , who is diagnosed with terminal metastatic lung cancer. He requires home visits for the prescription of syringe driver and medicines for pain relief.

Mr Jones was discharged from palliative care on 09/08/2021. On first visit , he was comfortable and his weight was around 78 kg. After a week, his weight was reduced to 76 kg. On subsequent visit, his daughter reported regarding his non compliance with medication and food.

On 31/08/2001 Mr Jones had difficulty in swallowing as well as reduced his food intake. In addition, he is able to tolerate fluids and medicines. As a result, he was visited two days weekly. On subsequent visit, he was not able to swallow medicine and food as well, for which syringe driver was prescribed to them; however, they were reluctant. Consequently, they were advised regarding topical cream and liquid morphine.

willing to use syringe driver. if you could provide serious driver and medication administration it would be beneficial to him. Kindly take over his ongoing care and do the needful as you feel appropriate.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me.

yours sincerely,

Charge Nurse

palliative care


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