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QQ-3317. Ms Robyn Harwood - Nursing – Adeya Mohammed – Right Partial Rotator Cuff Tear


Nursing Director

Community Nursing Care Agency

12 July 2021

Dear Ms Jenny

Re:Ms Robyn Hood (DOB 1/6/1960)

I am writing to request home visits for Ms Harwood who was diagnosed right partial rotator cuff tear,following fall on stretched arm when descending from the stairs.

Ms Hardwood is a widow who stays alone,Sister died recently, she has only niece as a relative.Ms Harwood has past history of type 2 diabetes mellitus and currently on metformin 500mg.

Ms Harwood presented to the facility with complaints of pain and weakness in the right shoulder especially when lifting arm ovarhead.during hospitalization investigation MRI and Xray was done which confirmed the diagnosis of Partial rotator cuff tear.orthopaedic surgeon communicate the benefit of surgery with the patient, but she choose to try non surgical therapy.

Ms Harwood was commenced on daily physiotherapy for exercise and relaxation of muscles,also she was prescribed ibuprofen and cortisone injection.

Base on the above mentioned condition it would be highly appreciated if you could continue could continue to monitor patient regularly, provide assistance in showering and other house activities.also patient should be encourage to monitor glucose level 4 hrly,if you could check for gluscose elevetion would be beneficial as there is tendency for high glucose level, since patient is on cortisone injection.please note, follow up appointment with orthopaedic has been fixed on 1 August 2021 at spirit hospital.

Incase of further queries,please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Registered Nurse


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