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QQ-3285 Mrs Joan Cummings - Nursing – Ansu Baby – AnxietySyndrome


Mrs Lyn Partridge

Director of Nursing

Partridye Nursing Home

27 Littele Street


South Australia, 5014

Dear Mrs Joan Cummings, aged 81

Iam writing to refer Mrs Joan Cummings, who has dementia. She is recovering from a fall. She requires continuing care and physiotherapy following her discharge today.

Mrs Cummings was admitted to hospital on 29 July 2011 with multiple bruses. She qas diagnosed with post fall anxiety syndrome and postural hypertension. She underwent multiple investigations and was assessed fir fall risk. Her condition was treated with medications, ice packs and hip protectors. She was initiated exercise programme along with physiotherapy. Presently, she start mobilising with four wheel walker;however, she needs assistance in daily living activities.

Mrs Cummings is a widow, who lives with her 61-years-old daughter and family, also they find difficulty to care for Mrs Cummings. She has had dementia since 2008 and had femur fracture in 2010.

As per discharge plan, it would be greatly appreciated if you could continue her physiotherapy regime to improve her mobility and daily living activities. Please note, she has an follow up appointment with physician and optometrist.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered Nurse.


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