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QQ-3284 Ms Alisha John - Nursing – Ajita Sujit – Sexually Transmitted Diseases


Dr Suzane Williams

Medical Practioner

Women First General Practice

21 Right Wing Avenue

North Adelaide 5001

Dear Dr Williams,

Re: Ms Alisha John, aged 19

Iam writing to introduce Ms Alisha John, Who is suspected to have sexually trandmitted disease. She requires health education and further evaluation. She is being transferred to your facility.

Ms Alisha is single and has multiple sexual partners. She has been on oral contraceptive pill for last 12 months. She has regular menstrual cycle. Please note, she does not follows contraceptive methods. In addiction, she smokes excessively and drinks standard dose. Her weight is 73kilogram and height is 155 cm.

On 16 May 2015 Ms Alisha presented with 10kilogram weightgain over the last 12 months and she was requested for pap test along with she desire to knows about contraceptive methods. Urine PCR and pap smear wastaken. She was educated regarding the safe sexual practice including barrier protection method. She was refered to quit line and women's health nutritionist for life style modifications, also she was provided withcervical screening information sheet.

Today, she reviewed with PCR report, which showed chlamydia trachomatis;therefore, shewas advised to inform her partners and priscribed on azithromycin 1gm single dose. She was instructed to avoid sexual contact for 7 days after treatment.

In the view of the above,it would be greatly appreciated if you could assess Ms Alisha and do the neccessary investigations to rule out sexually transmitted disease and blood born viruses. Kindly instruct her about the importance of contraceptive options.

Should you require further informations, please di not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Nurse Incharge.


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