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QQ-3279 Ms Maeve Greerson - Nursing – Cinju Varghese – Colostomy

The Director of Nursing

Glen Haven Palliative Care Hospice

971 Arthur Street


Re: Ms Maeve Greerson, 01 June 1961

Iam referring Ms Greerson, who was treated for associated symptomsof lower intesinal cancer with metastases,requires continuing care and management from your service.

Initially, Ms Greerson was confirmed with the diagnosis, for which partial bowel resection and colostomy were performedfollowed by 6 weeks of radiation therapy also administerd.Her survival period was not expected not more

than 3 to 4 months.

Ms Greerson was admitted to hospital on 24 September 2021 with complaints of dehydration, nausea and severe pain.She was commenced on iv fluids,transdermal patch for pain and low fibre diets. She is able to tolerate jelly and low fat yoghurt occasionallyto reduce pain.However, her pain medication has increased ;therefore,severe oedema of ankles, legs and bladder incontinence were noted.After 3 days,on examination ,very weak and sometimes disoriented were noticed.

MsGreerson is widowed. As per her request,social worker has contacted her brother in order to inform regarding the available places at Glen Haven hospice center, as she is not feeling recover sufficiently to leave the hospital.

It would be beneficial ,if you could provide ongiong care for Ms Greerson.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further queries.

Yours faithfully,

John Nia

Registerd Nurse


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