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QQ-3271 Ms Jennifer Linda Allen - Nursing – Neha Banu – Angioplasty


District Nursing Service

Hartford Community Health Care Centre

88-Avenue Road


15 March 2019

Re:Mr Jennifer Linda Allen, aged 83

Dear Nurse,

Ms Jennifer Linda Allen, 83-year-old patient who is diagnosed with cardiac disease and recuperating from angioplasty. She requires monitoring and assistance after being discharge tomorrow.

Ms Allen came to hospital on 11 March 2019 with chest pain and diagnosed with coronary artery disease, for which she underwent angioplasty procedure twice, first attempt in 2012.Ms Allen has the family history of heart diseases. In addition, her cholesterol level is high upto 8.3 for which she takes atorvastatin and for hypertension she takes betaloc and ramipril.

Regarding her social history, Ms Allen divorced with husband and she is not having children. In addition, she is a pensioner and lives alone in her own home and has meals on wheels for lunch and dinner. However, contacts with family intermittently, follows sedentary life style and do not participate in social groups.

During hospitalization, she has been guided by the dietician for high cholesterol and physiotherapist bruising at catheter site noted. So, Ms Allen worried and tends to focus on hhealth problems.

Based on the aforementioned above, it would be greatly appreciated if you could arrange a nurse for daily home visits for monitoring her compliance to post operative medications and encourage her to participate in social group and family gatherings.

Yours faithfully

Registered nurse

Cardiac Unit

Admount Public Hospita


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