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QQ-3267 Ms Akira Annaisha - Nursing – Anitha Pachigolla – Acute Meningoencephalitis


The Director, Community child, health service, 1southgate Ave, Melbourn, Victoria 3006, 241021 Re : Akira Annaisha, DOB Respected sir/madam2572019 This is to bring to your kind notice that Akira Annaisha is diagnosed with is failed to get vaccinated with mumps, requesting your follow up for the same. Mr Hikaru is her father migrated to Japan with his wife and 2children, the family doesn't have a family physician as they have migrated form their meningocephalitis after she own country to an another. At birth both children were goven vaccination but lost their vaccination card, so mumps vaccine is not given and there by she developed mumps and though she is out on medication and treatment she developed meningoenchephalitis. Mr Hikaru finding difficulty to adjust with the language,. And attending to night classes to learn English language. Here by I kindly request you to please have follow up with her family for teaching them about regular vaccinations and their importance t o prevent further diseases. Please do contact me for any kind of further details. Yours sincerely Charge Nurse


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