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QQ-3266 Mr Nick Daniel - Nursing – Anitha Pachigolla – Right Hip Replacement Surgery


Joel Ortner, Physiotherapist, Citymed physiotherapy, 8Albert St, Dubbo,NSW. 241021 Dear Joel Re: Mr.Nick Daniel date of birth 11 Iam referring Mr Nick Daniel who 05 has 1951 been diagnosed with rt hip osteo arthritis requiring physiotherapy to regain his strength to perform his daily activities. For the past 5 years he has been suffering with pain in his rt hip, pain increased day by day in last 2 months. And he is unable to flex or rotate his hip. He got admitted at hospital fo r the same and been treated with Panadol but there has been no relief from pain. X ray shows consistent degenerative changes with osteoarthritis. He underwent hip replacement surgery, and post operatively physiotherapy is commenced. And now ready for disc harge. active part in He is a retired farmer lives in single story house in the farm with his wife Nancy and son Rob. He takes an performing farm events . It would be greatly appreciated if you can teach him how to perform weight bearing exercises and to l earn walking using crutches or a walker which will help in promoting his ability to perform his daily activities. Don’t hesitate to contact me for any kind of queries. Yours sincerely Ward Nurse


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