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QQ-3261 Mr Stephen Kerry - Nursing – Jaslin Jose – Right Knee Injury


Senior physiotherapist

Hayman physiotherapy center

23 West End, Perth

19 July 2011

Dear Senior physiotherapist

Re: Stephen Kerry DOB: 16/06/1963

I am writing to refer Stephen Kerry to your physiotherapy services to support him in attaining greater mobility. On 12/7/2011 had a fall history due to which complaints of right knee injury due to fell from stairs.

Stephen Kerry stays with his wife Jennifer Kerry 46 years old works as an accountant. On 13/7/2011 the first visit from the agency. Stephen was not willingly to take shower also expressed pain which is treated with 400mg paracetamol along with warm compress application and dressing changed. Within a day Stephen was able to walk with assistance complains pain during walking. dressing been redressed apart from this no complains on second visit on 15/7/2011.On the third visit it has been noted that the knee healed well Stephen started walking with the help of sticks for support.

As Stephen’s wife requested more home visits to schedule for proper recovery. Could you arrange to undertake an assessment at home also to plan an appropriate progamme of strengthening exercises for him.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Joanna Andrews

Senior Nurse

We Care Home Nursing Agency


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