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QQ-3259 Mr Craig Hemsworth - Nursing – Nikita Patel – Tonic Clonic Seizure


Mr Chirag Hemsworth -Nursing- Nikita patel- tonic clonic seizure

23 August 2019

Dr Ceawlin Jones General practitioner 68, Riverside Clinic Newton

Dear Mr. Jones,

Re: Mr. Chirag Hemsworth, 52 years

I am writing to update the health status of Mr. Hemsworth, who admitted for tonic clonic seizure, for further follow up care.

Mr. Hemsworth has a episode of unconscious and jerking movements of arms and legs therefore he arrived emergency department. His breathing was stopped for twenty second and urine incontinence was noted. On assessment he regained consciousness but was drowsy. Bleeding from tongue, bruise on left arm and knee with a febrile status has recorded. Consequently EEG and MRI was done which revealed focal epileptic variants and subdural hematoma over right occipital region has revealed respectively.

After successful recovery, Mr. Hemsworth’ s condition has improved; however he was anxious about future attacks management at home, hence he and his wife has educated on home management of epilepsy. He is advised to rest the eyes by the ophthalmologist. His continue medication is tab. phenytoin, a day. Please note that he has advised to use safety alert band, and restricted to driving and strenuous activities.

Your continue care and further follow up care would be highly appreciated. He requires follow up of anticonvulsants after two weeks.

Should you require further information, Kindly contact me.

Yours faithfully

Registered Nurse.


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