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QQ-3257 Mr Martin Jones - Nursing – Saritha Chinnan – Difficulty - Swallowing Food


The General practioner

9 October 2021

Dear Doctor,

Mr Martin Jones,aged 69

I am referring Mr Jones who has presented complaints of difficulty in swallowing food and medication.patient willing to take syringe driver.

Mr Jones was discharged from palliative care on 9auguest2021.

On the day first home visit patient is comfortable on bed

Weight was measured 78kg,on the day of second visit patient looks comfortable he lost 2kg weight.on the day third visit Mr.Jones wife is concerned about decreased food intake,but tolerating the oral liquids and patient looks sleepy.Mr.Jones had history of hypertension and terminal metastatic lung cancer.

On the next visit no food intake and unable to swallow medicine oral liquids painful to swallow advised to use syringe driver.

On 9 October 2021 came with complaints of severe pain willing to use syringe driver could you provide instruction about syringe driver and medication administration.

If you could take over his ongoing care, it would be greatly appreciated.

If you have any queries please contact me.

Yours sincerely

Charge Nurse

Palliative care.


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