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QQ-3256 Ms Eiden McGrath - Nursing – Neha Banu – Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus


Ms Alison Petshell


City Podiatry Centre

Swanston st


5 July 2019

Re:Ms Eiden McGrath, DOB:16 August 1965

Dear Petshell

Iam writing to refer Ms Eiden McGrath, who came with foot ulcer and she has been diagnosed type ll diabetes Mellitus. She requires assessment and management from your facility.

Ms McGrath was consulted to GP with complains of a tender and swellon foot ulcer caused by shoe string 2 weeks ago, in addition to that she also feels tiredness and lethargic. Therefore, her blood tests revealed high glucose level, which has been diagnosed as type II diabetes Mellitus, for which she has been commenced on Fortament 1000 mg o. d. In addition, she was also commenced on oral analgesia and anti-biotic therapy and also found not consistent to hypertensive medication.

McGrath had met with an accident in 2010 and underwent ORIF due to fracture of left femur. However, she is a occasional drinker. Moreover, a moist dressing was done to the foot ulcer and advised him to take bed rest, avoid weight bearing and to use well-cushioned foot wear.

He was also suggested to cease the intake alcohol as well as educated regarding healthy diet. It would be greatly appreciated if you could monitor his foot and assess her current condition regarding diabetes. Please note that, she has to change the dressing every 2 days and replace the Tapcynta to Duovolt 50 mg after 1 week and he also scheduled for review after your visit.

If you have further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Registered Nurse.


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