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QQ-3242 Mr Benjamin - Nursing – Jaisintha Daffader – Total Hip Replacement Surgery


Mrs Susanna Bates

Senior Nurse

Abrina Nursing Home

19-21 Victoria street, Ashfield, NSW 2131

Date:09 September 2009

Dear Ms Susanna

Re: Mr Benjamin, aged 63

I am writing regarding Mr Benjamin, who has been undergone a total hip replacement surgery due to high blood pressure, now requires continuing care and support. He is being scheduled for discharged today.

On 2005, mr Benjamin has a signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis which required a total hip replacement surgery along with he is taking a blood pressure medication from 2003. He was recommended on 100mg Aspirin and 5mg Ramipril daily. Postoperatively on 5 September 2009, he was apparently disoriented due to his hemoglobin levels dropped to 71 mg/dl, therefore three units of red blood cells were transfused on the same day. Whilst the wound dressing was changed daily and as recommended to do stretching exercise. Apart from that such follow up resumed to do like full blood examination and urea electrolyte and creatinine test to be done.

On the other hand, his condition recovered well and his hemoglobin level came to the normal on the discharge day that is 112 mg/dl. Moreover, he is being able to walks perfectly with the help of wheelie walker. He was commeneced on pain killers that is Panaedine forte 6 tablets in a day and continue to do exercise as recommended. Kindly note that a wheelie walker and wedge pillow have been arranged from the hospital and toilet raiser has been arranged after two weeks with the help of local medical supplier.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Charge Nurse


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