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QQ-3241 Mrs Margaret Goldstein - Nursing – Punitha Franklin – Right Elbow Dislocation


Good Evening sir

Punitha Franklinal

The Supervisor

Eventide Residential Aged Care

333 Glen Rita Road


Vic 3185

12 November 2016

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Re : Mrs Margaret Goldstein,aged 61

Mrs Margaret Goldstein,has been recovering from right elbow dislocation . She requires continuing care and management from your facility . She is being discharged today .

Mrs Goldstein was admitted to the hospital five days ago with the above mentioned complaint . She has dementia which is progressing rapidly . During hospitalization, she has been commenced on oxycodone 5 milligrams three times a day , which,needs to be continued as required, atacand plus 32/12.5 milligrams and remeron 15 milligrams per day respectively . Her right elbow was supported with cuff along with a sling . She has also had incontinence of bladder and contient of bowel; however, she is refused to wear disposable briefs due to dementia .

In view of the above,it could monitor her healing of elbow . Kindly provide incontinence care . It is imperative to assist her with showeing . Please note,she has an appointment with a physiotherapist on 28 November 2016 at 2 pm in Eventide .

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information regarding Mrs Goldstein .

Yours faithfully ,

Charge Nurse


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