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QQ-3238 Mr Martin Jones- Nursing – Navtej Kaur – Difficulty - Swallowing Food


General Practitioner

09 October, 2021

Dear Doctor,

Re: Mr Martin Jones, aged 69

I am updating regarding Mr Jones , who requires your home visits for the prescription of syringe driver and pain relief medication due to decreased ability to swallowing food and medicine.

As you know Mr Jones has been under home palliative care since 8 August, 2021 and has been visiting by a nurse regularly. On the first visit he was comfortable and his weight was 78 kg. After seven days, his weight reduced to 76 kg. On a subsequent day, Mr jones daughter reported regarding his non-compliant with medication and food.

On 31 August, Mr Jones was experiencing difficulty in swallowing, as a result, he reduced his food intake; however, he was tolerating fluids and medicines. Therefore, he was visited two times a day. On the next visit, he was not able to swallow medicine and fluid as well, for which syringe driver was offered to them, but they were reluctant. They were advised regarding topical cream and liquid morphine.

On today's visit, Mr Jones was having severe pain and he has not taken his medicine and fluid, now they are agreed to take syringe driver

It would be appreciated if you could visit him to assess his condition and start treatment as appropriate.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Charge Nurse


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