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QQ-3234 Mr Timothy Patterson - Nursing – Manoj Kumar – Orthostatic Hypertension


Dr Jane Dane

641 North welch street

South Wales


03 July 2019

Dear Dr Dane

Re: Mr Timothy Patterson, aged 69

I am writing to update regarding, Mr. Patterson, who has been diagnosed with deep laceration in left arm and uncontrolled hypertension, requires assessment for cardiac functional abnormalities and hypertension.

He came to our hospital as a referral, with the complaints of deep laceration in left arm for which wound care management was given. In addition, prophylactic intravenous anti biotics was administered to prevent infection, which then changed to oral medications. There was significant improvement in the wound healing while his blood pressure slightly elevated. He was then discharged and advised to visit out patient clinic for follow up care.

On 04 July 2019, in follow up visit he complained of severe pain and was diagnosed to have mild hematoma. On examination his blood pressure was over 190/80 mm Hg in sitting and supine position respectively. Although his wound healed well but his blood pressure remained high.

He requires follow up care and assessment for cardiac functional abnormalities and treatment for hypertension.

Kindly contact for further details

Yours sincerely,

Amber diva

Registered Nurse

Welshire Hospital


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