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QQ-3232 Mrs Rachel Andrewson - Nursing – Haripriya Kompala – Renal Failure


Head Nurse

Mark Royal Nursing Home New south Wales


Dear sir/Madam

Re: Mrs Rachel Andrewson, aged 60

Mrs Rachel Andrewson, who has been diagnosed as a renal failure for 5 years on hemodialysis. She requires continuity of care and further assistance. She is being discharged today.

Mrs Andrewson was admitted to the hospital on 03/09/2010 due to severe breathlessness, disoriented, fatigue, giddiness, edema all over the body. There, an emergency hemodialysis was done. Blood investigation showed protein urea and electrolyte imbalance. Exercise regime was initiated and educated. She was seen by a Nephrologist and advised fluid restriction 1 litre per day and sodium restricted diet. Subsequently, she made good progress, oriented well. Vitals signs were stable, edema reduced.

Pertaining to the social history, Mrs Andrewson, divorced, who has lived in Mark Royal Nursing home since 2002.She has two children. Mr Peter who visits her occasionally. She smokes and consumes alcohol. She has had hypertension and diabetes mellitus. Therefore, she commenced on tab. Analopril and medical management.It is important to know that she is allergic to nuts, penicillin and seafoods. Besides, she has weight loss due to improper food habits. Consequently, she was referred to a dietician after discharge.

As per the above circumstances, she requires your assistance in activities of daily living and monitor side effects as well. It would be greatly appreciated if you could advise on fluid restriction 1 litre per day along with potassium restriction. Encourage her to take a protein rich diet. Of note, weekly dialysis has been scheduled and to be followed up in opd after 1 week. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Yours faithfully, Charge Nurse


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