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QQ-3222 Ms Robyn Harwood - Nursing – Theresa Bandanadamraju – Right Rotator Cuff Tear


Ms Jenny

Nursing Director

Community Home Care Agency


3 July 2021

Dear Ms Jenny

Re: Ms Robyn Harwood, DOB: 1 June 1960

I am writing to request you to send a nurse to Ms Harwood’s house for extra care and assistance. She presented with pain and weakness in the right shoulder. She is being discharged home today.

She is a widow and lives alone. She has had diabetes mellitus type 2 for which metformin 500 mg in the morning has been commenced.

On 30 June, 2021 she was admitted to hospital with the above mentioned problems following a fall on stairs. Consequently, an x-ray and MRI scan were performed which revealed a partial rotator cuff tear. Therefore, she was planned for surgery but she preferred non- surgical treatment. During hospitalization, her blood glucose level was devated which probably due to administration of cortisone injections. In addition, for alleviating the pain, ibuprofen every 4 hours daily haa been recommended.

Upok discharge, an assistance is required for shower and house work. Additionally, daily physiotherapy is imperative. An orthopaedic review has been scheduled on 1 August 2021.

I am enclosing her address along with her letter. If any additional information is required, please contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered Nurse,

Soniya Matthews.


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