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QQ-3213 Mr Timothy patterson - Nursing – Dayana Sheeba – Orthostatic Hypertension


Dr John Dane

641 North Welch Street

South Wales


3 July 2019

Dear Dr Dane,

Re: Mr Timothy patterson, aged 69 years

I am writing to update the current health condition of Mr Timothy Patterson ,who has been suspected to have orthostatic hypertension. He requires full cardiac assessment and management,as he is scheduled for discharge today.

On 1st July 2019, he was presented with the deep lacerations on lower left arm following an accidental cat by handsaw forwhich, wound was sutured and dressed well. In addition, intravenous antibiotics were administered.

During subsequent visits of outpatient clinic, he was noted to be elevated blood pressure of sitting and supine position. Apart from this, he shows significant improvement in wound healing.

Mr patterson, is married and has two children. He is leading sedentary Lifestyle without any physical activity.

Kindly do a full cardiac assessment and management for hypertension.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any queries.

Yours sincerely

Ambe Diva

Registered nurse


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