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QQ-3208 Ms Patriicia Cooper - Nursing – Neha Banu – Choking - Aspiration



Zedhealth Nutrition and Dietetics

North Terrace and Frome Road

Century Building

Level 2 Adelaide

SA, 5000

21 March 2019

Re:Ms Peteicia Cooper, Aged 67

Dear Dietician,

Iam writing to refer Ms Perticia Cooper, 67-year-old single lady, requires your urgent monitoring and assessment regarding her swallowing function as well as nutritional status.

Today, Ms Cooper had an episode of chocking and suddenly turned distress. She struggled and coughed, so the piece causing chocking was removed. However, recently she had been suffering from chest pain, SOB and occasional cough. Simultaneously, she also had sporadic throat clearing.

In view of her medical and social history, Ms Cooper has no teeth and she uses upper and lower dentures. She has gain 8kg of weight over the last 5 months and now weight is 107kg with BMI of 30. However, she has been suffering from multiple health conditions like stroke, heart diseases, server dementia and osteoarthritis of both the knees. Moreover, she has lack of interest in socialization, as a result Ms Cooper emotionality depends on nursing staff.

Ms Cooper is a diabetic and have irregular diet pattern. So, it would be greatly appreciated if you could monitor her nutritinal status and assist her in Swallowing function.

If you have further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully

Registered Nurse

Memory Care Unit

Agmaroy Nursing Home


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