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QQ-3203 Mr John Frederick - Nursing – Kavita Baudh – Left Knee Injury


Ms Diana Forest

Luvanne Physiotherapy Centre

588 Livingston Street South Wales


19 July 2019

Dear Ms forest,

Re: Mr John Frederick, DOB: 18 June 1987

I am writing to request home visits for Mr Frederick, on behalf of his wife, Norah, to assist and guide him for improving mobility.

A week ago, he fell off the stairs and badly injured his left knee. Therefore, his GP requested us for daily home visits. During our care, his wound was dressed up on daily basis and assistance with showering was provided.

On consecutive days, he started walking small distances with the help of Norah. However, he complained of usual pain while walking. Currently, the wound has been healing well, and he has been advised to use walking sticks.

Please note, he had a stroke in June 2016, which resulted in slight slurred speech, limp while walking, as well as balance impairment.

In view of the above information, it would be greatly appreciated if you could arrange home visits for him at 19 Flavington Street, Perth, NSW.

If you have further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely,

Senior nurse

Raymound Health Care Agency


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