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QQ-3200 Ms Olivia Jack - Nursing – Neha Banu – Emergency Caesarian Section



Child health Service



Victoria, 3006

13 June 2019

Re:Olivia Jack


Dear Director,

Iam writing in regards to Ms Olivia jack, who is a single mother given birth to a baby through emergency Ceaserean Section. She requires assistance and encouragement from your centre after being discharge today.

Ms Jack admitted to hospital on 9 June and given birth to a female baby through emergency Ceaserean section followed by 16 hours of first stage of labor. At birth, baby measures of 3.9 kg, Apgar score is 5ay 1 min and 8 at 5 mins. However, oxygen administered for few minutes due to foetal distress.

In view of postnatal progress, blood loss become normal after 800 ml of postpartum haemorrhage. However, haemoglobin is 90g/l. Therefore, she has been advised to take FEFOL VIT SPASULE as iron supplement and vitamin C. As she has been a single mother and no contact with the father of baby neither with any of her family members, she feels unconfident and isolated which can affect the health of baby regarding breast feeding caring.

Upon discharge, it would be greatly appreciated if you could monitor the health of Ms Jack and provide her assistance and encouragement towards caring of baby.

If you have further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Your's faithfully

Registered nurse

Mater Mothers hospital

South Brisbane


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