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QQ-3173. Ms Robyn Harwood - Nursing – Martin George – Right Rotator Cuff Tear


Ms Jenny Attard

Nursing Director

Community Home Care Agency

12 July 2021

Dear Ms Attard ,

Re: Ms Robyn Harwood

DOB : 01 June 1960

I am writing this letter to refer Ms Robyn Harwood who is recovering from a right rotator cuff tear , needs assistance and support from your service. She is scheduled for discharge today .

Ms Harwood was admitted to hospital on 30 June 2021 with complaints of pain and weakness in the right shoulder especially when lifting the arm overhead , following a fall when she is descending stairs at home . An X -ray and MRI confirmed the diagnosis. During the admission time the orthopaedic surgeon discussed about the surgery, she prefers to try non-surgical treatment.

Ms Harwood was treated with oral Ibuprofen every 6th hourly along with cortisone injections . Daily physiotherapy was initiated for improving the range of motion.

Ms Harwood has had the history of type 2 diabetes mellitus which she is controlled by Metformin 500mg in the morning. It may be elevated due to the cortisone injection. Therefore it is important that to monitor her blood glucose level every 4th hourly . Kindly arrange the visits of the home care nurse because she is living alone and needs assistance with shower and house work. Of note , she has an orthopedic review on 01 August 2021 .

If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely ,


Registered Nurse


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