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QQ-3169. Mrs Sheila Cartwright - Nursing – Jaslin Jose – Unstable Diabetes Mellitus


Mrs. Edith Penny

Community Nurse

Freemount community health center


30 April 2017

Dear Mrs. Edith Penny

Re: Ms. Sheila Cartwright, 69 years old.

I am writing to you regarding Ms. Sheila Cartwright who has been inpatient at Freemount community health center since 14 April 2017 due to unstable Diabetes Mellitus with small infected left foot ulcer, she is now ready for discharge.

Ms. Sheila Cartwright was admitted for stabilization of her non-insulin dependent Diabetes Mellitus, which she has been treated with oral antihyperglycemic agents (glibenclamide 5mg daily and metformin 800mg t.d.s) for past 9 years. In relation to small infected foot ulcer on her left foot. Taken Augmentin Duo fort 125mg b.d orally. Augmentin Duo fort to review at completion of current course. Further more Ms. Sheila Cartwright needs to control & monitoring wound complication.

Ms. Sheila Cartwright retired in the year 2015 she will be benefit with you for helping her in monitoring blood sugar level, diet, exercise, engaging her in social activities & she stays alone have no friends and family also do help in controlling alcohol intake. A referral to community social worker may be of benefit.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered nurse

Mrs.Rini Jose


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