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QQ-3161. Akira Annaisha - Nursing – Reshma Raju – Acute Meningocephalitis


The Director

Community child health service

1 southgate Ave


Victoria 3006.

25 July 2019.

Dear Sir/Madam

Re:Akira Annaisha ,5 Year old child.

The purpose of writing this letter to introduce Akkira annaisha and her two year older sister to you for monitoring compliance of her vaccination schedule.Child was admitted and diagnosed with acute meningo encephalitis following mumps.

Upon admission ,child accompanied by her parents along with her sister whose name was Emica Yamata.As per the parents both children are vaccinated at birth how ever ,there was no record and also unaware about mumps vaccination.

Her parents are migrated and lives at Australia since April 2019.Her father is a shift worker who attend English class and mother is a house wife.In addition to ,rental accommodation and no family doctor.Her parents are speaks Japanese who requires interpreter for their understanding of English language. At present,Annaisha is free from mumps and meningo encephalitis.

In view of the above ,kindly request to provide an advice on recommend vaccine for both children and educate parents regarding vaccination schedule. Please note ,there is a follow up appointment on after three months for her neurological check up.

Please feel free to contact me for further queries.

Your Sincerely,

Registered Nurse.


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