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QQ-3157. Mr James Martin - Nursing – Nidhesh Arora – Severe Dysphagia


The General Practitioner

9 September 2021

Dear Doctor,

Re: Mr James Martin, aged 69

This is to bring into your attention regarding above-mentioned patient, who has severe dysphagia, requires home visit for the prescription of syringe driver and pain management.

The patient has been discharged from palliative care on the 9th of August 2021 after getting treatment. On the first and second visits, the patient was comfortable but 2KG weight has been reduced.

On 24 August 2021, the daughter was concerned about the mother, who was frustrated due to the patient being non-compliant with the medications but wants the patient to stay at home as was offered to transfer him to palliative care.

On the fourth visit, the wife was concerned about patient being too sleepy even though the food consumption has been decreased due to difficulty in swallowing but he was still able to take medicines with some fluids. Therefore, the syringe driver was recommended but patient and the family were hesitant instead two visits per week were requested due to sleepiness.

On today’s visit, the patient’s condition has deteriorated, unable to consume even medicines and liquids; thus, agreed to start with syringe driver.

It would be appreciated if you could home visit and prescribe pain medications and a syringe driver.

If anything else is required don’t hesitate to contact me.

Your Faithfully,

Community Nurse


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