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QQ-3156. Mr Craig Hemsworth - Nursing – Nidhesh Arora – Epilepsy


Dr Ceawlin Jones

The General Practitioner

68 Riverside Clinic


14 September 2021

Dear Dr Jones,

RE: Mr Craig Hemsworth, aged 52

The request is being written regarding above mentioned patient, who is going to be discharged today, requires continue assessment and management for Epilepsy.

The patient was brought to the emergency in unconscious condition via ambulance following faint at the bus station accompanied by bruises on the body. On examination, the patient was conscious but disorientated. Bleeding from the tongue was also noticed. Wife explained that the jearking moments from legs and arms were present for two minutes.

During hospitalisation, blood investigations were done which are in normal limits. Electroencephalogram and computerised tomography Were also conducted revealed increased focal epileptic variants and sub dural hematoma on right occipital region possibly due to head injury couple of months ago.

Neurological consultation was provided. Injection mannitol 20 mg, injection phenytoin 10 mg intravenous twice daily were injected. Tablet clopilet 75 mg twice daily and tablet amlodipine 5 mg once daily were also commenced. Injection tetanus intramuscular STAT was given. In addition to this antibiotics injection ceftriaxon 1.5 gm intravenously twice daily for five days were injected.

For overcoming anxiousness, education was provided about the management of Seizures at home. It would be appreciated if you could monitor the anti-convulsants medication that are to be continued for 15 days also after two weeks needs to be reviewed.

If anything else is required, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Your Sincerely

Ward Nurse


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