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QQ-3149. Mr Nick Daniel - Nursing – Nidhesh Arora – Right Total Hip Replacement


Mr Joel OrtnerThe physiotherapistCity Med Physiotherapy8 Albert Street Dubbo , NSW

26 July 2019

Dear Mr Ortner,

Re: Mr Nick Daniel, DOB: 11.5.1951

I am writing to request about above-mentioned patient, who underwent hip replacement surgery, your assistance is required in order to regain his mobility.

On his first visit, he was complaining of severe pain in the right hip and was walking with a limp. An x-ray revealed degenerative changes consistent with osteoarthritis: therefore, pain killers were commenced but no improvement was reported.

Subsequent visits, the patient presented with another episode of severe pain and with unable to bear weight as a result, right hip osteoarthritis was exacerbated. Decreased muscular mass was also observed.

Following day the hip placement surgery was performed. Postoperatively, the physiotherapy was commenced and uneasiness was noticed in the hip. Today, the patient is going to be discharged. For regaining his mobility the physio sessions are recommended.

It would be appreciated if you could home visit a patient and teach the uses of crutches. In addition to this, weight bearing exercises also need to be advised.

If any other information is required please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Your Sincerely,

Ward Nurse


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