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QQ-3145. Ms Bethany Tailor - Nursing – Jaisintha Daffader – Decompensated Schizophrenia


Dr Giovanni Dicoccin

Patient’s primary care

Proudhurst family practice

231 Brightfield Avenue Proudhurst

18 march 2018

Dear Dr giovannin

Re: Ms Bethany Tailor, aged 35years

Ms Bethany was admitted to St. Mary’s Public Hospital on 1 march 2018 for the purpose of decompensated schizophrenia. She is now ready for discharge and follow up at your mental health clinic.

On admission, Ms Bethany was admitting for auditory command hallucinations rather harming herself as stated by herself. She was also showing the shadows figures with grinny faces as a result she has connections with various political leaders. During hospitalization, Ms Bethany was agitated and aggressive with a reply on internal stimuli followed by blocking and latency. She was commenced with antipsychotic medicine that is Risperidone. On review after 9 days, Ms Bethany was showing a signs and symptoms of psychosis and she was ensured under medical compliance.

On examination, she was showing a good improvement and can decompensate with not continuing her medications. She was prescribed on Risperidone 4mg during bed time only mouth additionally risperidone 1milligram twice day to be taken whenever required for agitation and psychosis. She will be discharged today back to her apartment where she will live alone. She will follow-up with mental health clinic in order to stop abuse substances.

Please feel free to contact me, if you required any further information regarding this patient.

Yours Sincerely



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