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QQ-3132. Mr John AlexFrederick - Nursing – Jaisintha Daffader – Pneumonia – Left Knee Injury


Ms. Diana forest

Luvanne Physiotherapy Centre

588,Livington street

South Wales


Re:Mr.John Alex Frederick,DOB: 18June 1987

Dear Ms.Diana

I am writing to requesting Mr.John who is recovering from left knee injury and now requires a futher care and support.

Regarding his medical history,he underwent an emergency clot removal with a stent due to which one month rehabilit ation were advised. Patient has had a slurred speech problem as they were reviewing with pathologist for every twice weekly.He was unable to walk with limp forwhich he was taking Plavix, lipitor and valsartan. Therefore extreme headache was there in the morning due to which he had descend the staircase. He will also required an assistance to help in showering and for daily visits as per requested by Raymond health care agency as well as left injured knee were assessed and by which no infection was noted . He was able to walk by a small steps with a help of his wife Norah. In addition, his left injured knee was healing well forwhich he is taking medication amoxil 500mg as per 12hourly for three days. He will accquire a physiotherapist for his mobility with a help of walking sticks.

I hope you will be able to arrange someone who can help Mr.John for his walking . Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require a further information about Mr.John please do contact me .

Yours sincerely

Rachel Farah

Senior Nurse


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