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QQ-3116 Mrs Fenna Lisa - Nursing – Reshma Raju – Difficulty - Adenocarcinoma


Dr Stevenson

Royal Dorwin Hospital

Rockland Drive Tiwi

PO Box 41326

Casciarinas Nt 0811

22 January 2010

Dear Dr Stevenson

Re: Mrs Fenna Lisa, DOB: 6 January 1964

Ms Fenna Lisa presented withsevere low back pain and 4 kg of weight loss suggestve of tumor spreads to Lumbar Spine whi requires, urgent assessment and palliative care at your department following her present condition.

On todays visit her pain distributed infront and inner aspect of thigh, knee as a result, loss of sensation in anterior aspect of thigh along with absence of knee jack was noticed. She was performed Bone scan, CT scan of chest, abdomen and radiotherapy to control her pain. On her first visit, she was complained with lump in the upper port of the breast and an assessment was done. As a result Breast Cancer on fibroadenoma or cyst was remarked and was explained possible conditions and its consequences. Apart from this, discussed woth mammogzon and pathological assessment.

On subsequent visits, she was concerned about the possiblity of cancer and her corbiopsy result revealed that adenocorcinoma. Further more she was suggested to take further test and finally referred to general surgeon for operation. Apart from this she has had grade 2 adenocorcinoma on chemotherapy and advised regular visits for cancer spread. At present her condition is worsening with treatment.

She has had habits of smokng and drinking. Her periods are regular with normal flow along with her monarche at the age of 11. She married with two children and unremarkable family history of breast cancer.

In view of the above, kindly request provide an ongoing assessment and palliative care at her present situation.

Please feel free to contact me for further queries.

Yours Sincerely,

Registered Nurse.


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