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QQ-3112 Ms Tabitha Taborlin - Nursing – Rinu Shajan – Diabetes Mellitus


8 April 2018

Dr Hank Farquad

Diabetes Educator

Endocrine Specialists and Associates

115 Burke st. Omaha

Dear Dr Farauad,

Re: Ms Tabitha Taborlin,Single

I write to refer Ms Tabitha Taborlin,who require further followup care and management from your service. She was diagnosed with type1 diabetes mellitus.

Ms Taborlin's medical history reveals that she has had hypertension and type 1 diabetes mellitus since 7 years with non compliance of insulin regimen. She underwent multiple episodes of diabetic ketoacidosis.She commenced on 45units lantus at night and 12units Humalog.Her body mass index indicates 48kg underweight. She smokes 3 cigarettes daily.

On 2 april 2018,Ms Taborlin got admitted with diabetic ketoacidosis.During admission her glucose level was 530mmol/l. She was commenced with IV fluids and insulin administration. During discharge she was stable .Thereafter she was recuperating well .However on todays appointment it was cleared that she was not using insulin as well as not following the recommended diet.For this reason, we provided diabetic education regarding the necessity of using glucose testing nad insulin administration.Along with that,provided educational pamphlets and refills for lantus and humalog.In addition to that, provided education regarding smoking cessation and discussed about micro and microvascular complications of diabetes.

It would be greatly appreciated ,if you could encourage her for strict gycemic control and possible insulin pump.Kindly please note to have followup care for Ms Taborlin after one month.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered nurse


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