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QQ-3104 Mr Amir Akbari - Nursing – Nycy Mathew – Guillain-Barre Syndrome


22 April 2011

The Charge Nurse

Prince Henry Rehabilitation Centre

Malabar Bay

Dear Nurse,

Re: Amir Akbari,aged 41

This letter is being written to transfer Mr Amir Akbari,who requires on going monitoring and appropriate management at your service following his discharge today. He has been diagnosed with Guillain- Barre Syndrome.

Mr Akbari was admitted to the hospital on 06 March 2021.During hospitalization, his condition deteriorated rapidly and he was provided with ventilation support in ICU for four days from March 20 to March 22.He was treated with regular plasmapharesis along with five intravenous gammaglobulin in total. His limb mobility was impaired, for which he was commenced on Physiotherapy. Currently, he has made a good prognosis and walks slowly with the support of a frame.

Mr Akbari is a phD student and works in a service station. He lives in a rented house with his wife and two children. He has had post- traumatic stress disorder owing to war trauma and is liable to depression and anxiety. Presently, he feel depressed about his prospects whereas, his wife is not coping with aspects such as finance, study as well as child care. Additionally, he has improper support network in Australia.

In view of the above details, it would be appreciated if you could continue his rehabilitation program.It is pivotal to encourage him to perform self limb exercises. Kindly monitor his oxygenation for decline in respiratory status and remarkable increase in neurological signs. A detailed discussion regarding psychological assessment to rule out depression with the team members is profoundly beneficial.Please ensure a follow-up service by the social worker in order to deal with with his wife's stress and family issues.Please note, his medication details will be forwarded by the doctor.

If you require additional information regarding Mr Akbari, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Change Nurse


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