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QQ-3102 Mr John Alex Frederick - Nursing – Rinu Shajan – Left Knee Injury


19 July 2015

Ms. Diana Forest

Luvanne Physiotherapy Centre

588 Livinton Street

South Wales

Dear Ms Forest

Re: Mr John Alex Frederick

DOB: 18 June 1987

I am wtitung regarding Mr Frederick who require assisstance in doing physiotherapy. He has have impaired balance and walk with the limbs.

Mr Frederick presented to Raymound Health Care Agency following a fall from and got inferred to the left knee. There after on advised for daily visit for dressing and assisstance in taking shower daily.

Presently Mr Frederick is recuperating well with the knee injury as well as with absence of infection around the injured and he can able to walk small distance with help of his wife Norah. He has have pain while walking. However he is commenced with Amoxil, 500mg , PO, q 12 hrs for three days.

In the above all Mrs. Frederick requested home visit for physiotherapy to help her husband to improve walking. It would be appreciated if you could visit Mr. Frederick and provide assisstance to improve his mobility.

If you have any queires, please donot hesitate to contace me.

Yours sincerely,

Rachel Farah

Senior Nurse

Raymound Health Care Agency.


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