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QQ-3050. Ms Patricia Cooper - Nursing – Reshma Raju – Aspiration[177 WORDS]


The Dietician

Zed health nutrition and Dietics North Terrace and Frame Road Centenary building

Level 2 Adelaide

SA 5000.

21 march 2019 Dear Dietician,

Re: Ms .Patricia Cooper,aged 67

The purpose of writing this letter to introduce Ms Patricia Cooper to you for providing an urgent assessment regarding her swallowing and functional status following a high risk of aspiration.

On 14 March 2019,she developed chest infection and was on Keflex 500mg QID for seven days. Following days ,she presented occasional cough and episodes of SOB along with to find out food items in throat area. Today she developed some chocking episode while having breakfast and turns distress. At present her condition is stable with normal vital signs and skin color.

Mr cooper medical history reveals that,she has been suffering from diabetes mellitus ,ischemic heart disease ,severe dementia,stroke and was on medicatons.she has had osteoarthritis on both knees apart from this she gained 8 kg over the last 5months and her current weight is 107 kg.She has edentulous and there is no allergy regarding food or medication.She has no history of smoking and alcoholism.

In view of the above kindly request to provide an urgent assessment about her swallowing and nutritional status.Your special concern is highly appreciated.

If you have any more concern please feel free to contact me Yours sincerely,

Registered Nurse , Memory care unit, Agmaroy nursing Home.


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