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QQ-3047. Mr Robert - Nursing – Annie Mathew – Lung Cancer



Ms Marry Watson

Palliative Care Manager

Royal District Nursing Services

Dear Mr Watson,

DoB:2 June,1952

Thanks for accepting Mr Robert who has the terminal stage of lung cancer requires

further care and management. He is being discharged today.

Initially, he presented with chronic cough, hoarseness of voice and difficulty of breathing on 1 October 2011 .Therefore, fluid management and oxygen administration were done. He was performed for computed tomography which revealed the presence of squamous cell carcinoma of left lung.He was commenced on morphine sulfate 40 milligrams every fourth hourly . He underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy because of the invasion of tumor cell to liver and spine the treatment were not effective.Presently Mr Robert wants to go home but his daughters requested for further stay in the hospital.

Mr Robert is a lawyer who lives with wife and daughters . They are supportive and his family need emotional support as well.

In line with this matters , kindly consider Mr Robert physical , psychological and spiritual needs along with the emotional needs.

Yours sincerely,

Registered Nurse.

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