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QQ 1204.Mr. Peter Dunbar- Letter - Satya Laxmi


Community Health nurse

Eastern community health centre

456 health street


22 January 2019

Dear sir/madam

Re: Mr Peter Dunbar,DOB:18 March 1932

Mr Dunbar,who was diagnosed with type 2 diabeties requires care for the regular monitoring of blood sugars and advices to comply medication and dietory regimens following discharge today.

In June 2018,he suffered a myocardial infarction and coas hospitalized at the city hospital in Newtown. On the same admission,atrial fibrillation was diagnosed and subsequently sotaiol and wanfann were comenced. Hypertension is effectively controlled by ramipril. Concerning other medications,interminent medication compliance is observed.

Mr Dunbar has been non compliant with the medication regimen,blaming poor memory as the fundamental section for regirgence. Hence,walks with the help of a walking stick. Type 2 diabeties is controlled by diet and medication tab- Metformin.

Since the death of his wife last year excessive amount of alcohol,fatty foods,salts and sujar have been consumed despite the recommendations.

Based on the above mentioned circumstances, currently he would be moving to Centerville with his daughter,while his daughter will how be cooking for him,she would require some guidance related to his medication regimen as he will misses or double dose the prescribed medicanes.

If you need any further clarifications,do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully


Community Health Centre


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