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QQ 1202.Mr. Peter Dunbar - Letter - Rihana


Community Health nurse

Eastern Community Health Centre

456 East Street


22 January 2019

Dear community nurse,

Re: Mr Peter Dunbar, Dob: 18 March 1932.

Mr Dunbar who has a established history of type 2 diabetes requires your continuous care and monitoring for his ongoing needs related to adherence of medications, exercise and dictary Regine. He will moving to your community to live with his daughter.

In June 2018 he experienced myocardial infarction with intractable symptoms which was confirmed by electro cardiogram and hospitalized at City Hospital. On the same admission with put myocardial infection he developed atrial fibrillation therefore satalol and Warfarin were commenred hypertension was managed with tablet ramipril, 5mg, carcering other medications, non compliane was noted for which he blames poor memory as the fundamental reason.

His wife died a year ago, from then he is demotivated and consumes excessive amount of fat, salt, sugar and alcohol. Educated regarding the importance of continuing medications, dietary control as well Enlighten about the possible effects of intermittent and double dozing medications, strategs to improve memory.

From October 2018, exhibiting signs of diabetic neuropathy, poor exercise tolerance, uses a walking stick to move around and noted with restricted mobility. Noted with continuous non compliance to diet and medications in spite repeated advise and education.

Based on the above circumstances, it would be highly beneficial, if you educate his daughter with dietary alterations and medications regine along with continuous care and monitoring

Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any further queries

Your sincerely,


Community Health Centre


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