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QQ 1201.Ms. Mary Bell - Letter - Prabhjeet Kaur


Ms. Jane Rudik

Community Nurse

Newton Community Health Centre


15 July 2018

Dear Ms.Rudik

Re: Ms. Mary Bell, aged 66

Ms.Mary Bell who had non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus and small infected left foot ulcer, requires comprehensive ongoing care regarding diet and medication compliance, is bling discharged into your facility today.

During hospitalization medical hypoglycemic agents : Glimel 5mg once and Diabex 850mg three times a day were commenced. Glimel 5mg once is recommenced. For facilitating wound healing antibiotic therapy was initiated with Tab Augmentin Duo Forte 875/125mg twice a day which need to be reveiwed at course completion. Moreover , daily saline dressings along with regular monitoring for signs of complications is necessary . Review for healing progress. Review for healing progress is advised.

In addition to ongoing care plan, regular monitoring of medication regime along with blood sugar levels is recommended. Consideration regarding quality diet and alcohol consumption is required. Further more , encouragement regarding quality social activities is advised. nevertheless, for speedy recovery moderate exercise programme is encouraged.

Ms. Mary is retired last year , lives alone on small pension has poor social interaction and lack of outside interests. Due to loneliness, negligence regarding diet and excessive alcohol consumption is noticed. Nevertheless troubles with self-administration of hypo glycaemic medication on regular basis is reported.

Based on above circumstances, your special care efforts to improve Ms. Mary Bells health condition would be greatly appreciated. in case you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Registered Nurse

Newtown Community Hospital


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