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QQ 1193.Mr. Edwin Bruker - Letter - Priya Thomas


The Charge Nurse

The Prince Henry Rehabilitation Centre

Malabar Bay

22 April 2011

Dear Nurse

Dr Henry Robinson

Consultant physiatrist

56 Rose garden


22 May 2021

Dear Dr Robinson

Re: Mr Edwin Bruker,aged 56

Mr Bruker,who has been exhibiting symptoms indicative of post stroke depression, requires an immediate assessment and treatment from your end.

On 01 May 2021, Mr Bruker presented with the symptoms of depression,poor grooming, reluctant to take medications,social isolation. Lack of communication with others and loss of appetite resulting in weight loss about 10kgs were noted respectively. Therefore,referal to dietician and mental health nurse was made, daily councelling along with cogotive behavioral therapy was initiated.

The subsequent day, suicidal attempts were noticed. Fortunately,was saved by care takers. Consequently,relatives were informed,replied that will come and meet him on 22 May. The following day, deteriorated physiological condition was observed,lack of sleep,delutions and paraneid behaviour were experienced.

In terms of recent medical history,was admitted at Royal Perth hospital on 14 feb with the complaints of sudden facial droop,one sided weekness and slurred speech. Underwent CT scan. It reveals unremarkable findings. Hence, Hnombelytic therapy was completed and Aspirin was commenced. Independent mobility was possible with minimal assistance. Physiotherapy and speech therapy was encouraged.

Based on the above mentioned circumstances,your management and support would be extremely beneficial for Mr brukers present condition. If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Registered nurse

Osborne park rehabilitation center.


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