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QQ 1191.Mr. Amir Akbari - Letter - Priya Thomas


The Charge Nurse

The Prince Henry Rehabilitation Centre

Malabar Bay

22 April 2011

Dear Nurse

Re: Mr. Amir Akbari.

Mr. Amir Akbari, who has been diagnosed with Guillian-Barre syndrome requires rehabilitation care and support is being trasferred into your facility following a discharge today.

Mr. Akbari, was admitted on 06 March 2011 with the complaints of unable to move limbs independently. On examination decreased muscle tone and strength were noted. The following day, developed sudden deteriorated general health condition. Therefore , was incubated and ventilated for 3 days. However excellent progress was recorded. Ambulation for short distance was possible with frame, requires assistance for activities of daily living physiotherapy including self exercises were indicated regular plasmapharesis and intravenous gamaglobulin for 5 days was administered.

Mr. Akbar liver with the family at rented house belongs to Iranian Muslim , preferred to have health food. Because of war trauma as of 80's, developed post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety a mid of hospital stay. Consequently psychiatric assessment for stability the depression, involving his wife to have counseling to manage financial stress. Arrange social workers following up to have discussion regarding psychological assessment. Oxygen saturation was stable. However observation for respiratory status and increase in neurological signs nevertheless recommended.

Based on the above circumstances your ongoing support and care would be extremely beneficial for Mr. Akbar's present condition. If you requires any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Charge Nurse

Prince Charles Hospital



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