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QQ 1190.Mr. Edwin Bruker - Letter -Smitha


The psychiatrist

Consultant physiatrist

56 Rose garden


20 February 2021

Re: Mr Edwin Bruker,aged 56 years

Dear Dr Henry Robinson

I am writing to ceter Mr Edwin Bruker who has been suffering from post stroke depression,with the after effect of acute ischemic stroke and needs serious management.

Behavioral changes has been noticed on top of that poor appetite,lack of social interest,severe weight loss,poor grooming was marked and returned to take any medication.

On the 18 may 2021 suicide attempted However he was saved by his care takers. Upon examination paranoid behaviour, delusion,lack of sleep and worst psychological symptoms found.

Cognitive behavioural therapy and daily councelling has been started. In addition to chat physiotherapy and speech therapy was initiated but less interest was observed.

Councilling of family members has been done regarding the possibility of depression due to post stroke. Also discussed about referal of the psychiatrist for further assessment and management to which they agreed.

Based on the above mentioned circumstances, assessment and management of Mr Edwin Bruker would be extremely beneficial. In case you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Registered nurse

Ostorne park rehabilitation center.


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