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QQ 1188.Ms. Cathy Jones - Letter - Rashid


Gynecology Registrar

Spirit Hospital

South Brisbane

16th February 2013

Dear Gynecology Registrar

Re: Miss Cathy Jones , aged 25

Thank you for accepting Miss Jone, who has a clinical features suggestive of ectopic pregnancy. Your urgent evaluation and management are highly appreciated.

Regarding her medical history, she has a positive family history of deep vein thrombosis. Her current medication is progesterone only pill, was started two months ago.

Initially, Miss Jones was presented with a lower abdominal pain, more intensed on the right iliac fossa. The pain was associated with regular vaginal bleeding. She was denied any bowel or bladder symptoms. Her examination was revealed normal vital signs, however there were tenderness on the right iliac fossa and the fanix of the vagina. Subsequently , she was scheduled for revaluation and blood.

On today's visit, she was exhibited more constant abdominal pain that radiated to the left shoulder, overnight vaginal bleeding , in order to loss of consciousness for short period , while she was waiting in the reception. On examination she was tacy cardiac with significant tenderness in the right vaginal fornix. Her pregnant test was positive.

As per the gynecological register advised and based on the above mentioned circumstances , an urgent assessment and treatment , would be extremely beneficial.

In case your require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Dr.Sally Brown


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