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QQ 1178.Ms. Marry Bell - Letter - Smitha Kantha


Community health center


15 July 2018

Dear nurse

Re : Ms marry bell aged 66 years

Ms marry bell who was been admitted in our care due to unstable Diabetes mellitus and small infected let foot ulcer , further care and management will be needed at your facility after following her discharge .

Foot ulcer need to be dressed daily with the saline and in addition to that tab augmentin duo forte to be continued for the utection and daily observation of healing process , signs of complications is highly recommended .

Hypoglycemic agent tablet glibenclamide , daily and tablet metformin 850 mg , thrice a day to be continued with the regular monitoring of blood sugar levels .

Regular moderate exercise and some income producing activity to be suggested however after retirement consumptions of alcohol was increased as well as dictary consumption was decreased .

Ensdvement in social activities is highly suggested because lack of interest was noticed.

Based on the above circumstances , regular monitoring and management of ms.marry condition will be extricmely beneficial in case you need any additional information please do not hesitate to contact me.

You sincerely

Charge nurse

Community hospital



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