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QQ 1160.Mr. Darwish woods - Letter - Sangita Devi


Ms. Smith Brown

Head of Nursing

Rehabilitation center

Brisbane QLD

Australia 4001

29 May 2021

Dear Ms. Brown

Re: Mr. Darwish woods, aged 77

Mr. Woods whi underwent coronary artery bypass graft surgery requires rehabilitation care and management following his transfer to your facility today.

On 23 May, Mr. Woods was admitted to hospital and surgery performed next day. Post - operatively he was transferred to ICU for 24 hours and administered intravenous antibiotics, analgesics and anti thrombolytic agent respectively . He had speedy recovery in ICU, therefore, transferred to ward. He was commenced to brufen for pain. Daily physiotherapy was initiated and following breathing exercises and waking 4-5 minutes 4 times ler day.

Mr. Woods has had hypertension high cholesterol and arthritis on treatment. He has hobbies of reading and cooking.

Mr. Woods requires ongoing care for 3 weeks from your facility. Dressing over the wound twice a week until suture removal and maintaing wound over chest and graft side is recommended. He was avoid to heavy lifting. Exercise data sheet was provided. Please note and he scheduled for follow up appointment on 7 june 202.In addition he has suture removal after 2 weeks.

If you have any concern regarding Mr. Woods health condition, please donot hesitate to contact me .

Yours sincerely

Registered nurse.


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